Dame_fjerndriftAddIT Fjerndrift is our word for an ASP-solution. ASP is data-speak for a smart solution giving both employer and employee a simpler IT-day at work.

From anywhere in the world, on any kind of gadget – the employee connects to our datacenter through the internet – og can see his/hers applications, files and shortcuts. Just as working from the office.

Access all the companys applications – email, internet and company-specific software. Anything you normally need to get your work done. No installations, no updates.

AddIT takes care of it all – and the employee gets what he/she needs. Always. Anywhere. AddIT Fjerndrift is a complete IT solutions for your company – both if you run a small company of your own and if you have many employees the same benefits apply:

  • Safe storage of your companys data – no more thinking about backup or antivirus
  • Predictive cost – no more replacing old servers with new ones.
  • Access to what you need from anywhere, anytime and from any gadget

AddIT takes the whole responsibility for all your IT-needs while you and your company gets economic, technologic and organizational freedom to focus on what you are good at.