AddIT E-mail

Dame_epostNot all employees have a need for a full IT-solution with access to a lot of software. Some only need access to email to communicate with collegues and customers. For these users we have the product. It is based on Microsoft Exchange, so it is one of the most complete email solutions that exists. Any modern device that can read email can be used with this solution – many users can even connect to the same mailbox. Here are som ordinary gadgets that is used on our solution:

  • Of course computers, often using Outlook. But there are many email clients out there, and most of them can connect to Exchange
  • Cell Phones – should be of the smart type, but many old school phones also can connect to Exchange.
  • Tablets of all sorts – if it has an email reader it can connect to AddIT email.
  • Browser – do you have access to internet, you can read email. Just point over to our mailserver and log in. You’ll find both your email, contacts, calendar and everything. Ready to use.